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Ihr persönliches Hemd mit unserem Stoff Montbazon (Maßhemd White)

Looking for the perfect business shirts fabric? It should be: Comfortable, breathable, not too heavy and particularly durable. We are delighted to offer you a fabric with Montbazon that combines these properties. For the longevity of this luxurious fabric in classic popline weave a combination of very densely woven plys in thicknesses 140/2 and 120/2 is used (the higher the number, the finer the yarn). The close interweaving of fine yarns leads to a high opacity and light weight (113gr / m²).

150,00 €

  • Kent
  • Beveled
  • Without placket
  • No pocket
  • no
  • Long Sleeve
  • With double button
  • Ton-in-Ton
  • Ton-in-Ton
  • 100% Cotton
  • 120/2x140/2 two-ply
  • Popline
  • White